A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Big Dry Creek

Dry Creek 3 FB

“As If It’s Your Last”

Autumn’s procession is finally moving along here in Denver and at a pretty good pace. The Flora is now shedding its summer sweater with apparent haste and the colors are not lingering like they do in a more average year. Is there a blanket of snow in our immediate future?

Yesterday morning, I left the house before sunrise, on foot and carrying my heavy equipment pack and tripod. My stride had purpose as I could see that there was a clearing in the cloud cover along the eastern horizon and I was anticipating a beautiful sunrise. I had to hurry to get to the spot that I envisioned, a walking path bridge along a small creek. At a busy street crossing, the “Walk” sign began flashing green and I stepped off the curb to resume my cadence, something was terribly wrong. The Driver of a pickup truck let his foot off the break and was slowly but surely pressing the accelerator, oblivious to my existence.  I found myself literally sprinting away from the oncoming hood and to any witnesses it probably looked something like the running of the bulls. At some point, the driver acknowledged his blunder slammed on his brakes. If I had been unable to get out of the way or if he had been any more hasty, I would have been run over.

The scene was pretty bizarre. I stood stunned in the middle of a busy intersection with my eyes locked on to the “bull”. He had rolled down his window and was yelling something to me. Was it an apology or was he claiming that I was in the wrong? I’ll never know. I turned away from confrontation and had to run to get out of the street before the light changed and the rest of the people had an opportunity to finish me off. I was soon walking down the tranquil foot path pondering how close I came to meeting a very unglamorous end.  I smiled uncontrollably and used the F word a number of times in my head as I coached myself back to my assignment, to capture a gorgeous sunrise as if it were my last.

Reflection of Big Dry Creek Pathway

Reflections of Big Dry Creek Pathway