#Monday Mantra ~ Week #14

forgive and remember

One might think that this Monday Mantra Challenge business is my way of escaping my self imposed blogging responsibilities.  My pattern over the past few years has been to post fairly substantial content once or twice a week.  Recently though, I’ve simply been throwing a one liner into the universe each Monday to see if it sticks.

When I started this blog it was my intention that it would somehow be a cog in the wheel along my own creative journey.  I also hoped that my efforts would lead to something beyond my own self improvement.  I hoped that I might be able to inspire someone else not to give up their dreams.

With the Monday Mantra, I’m finding that there is something very meditative about the process of combining my art with the lessons of life.  In fact, I’m learning that art and life experience are not mutually exclusive, they feed off of each other.  We are all fielding our share of curve balls; distractions that will throw us off course if we let them.  The secret to moving forward perhaps is to learn how to turn those distractions into  rocket fuel!