What If

Drawn To Fire 1500

“Drawn By Fire”

From time to time my inner critic screams at me “Where is your focus Man? Don’t you know that a jack of all trade is a master of none?”. He has a point. I do have a tendency to be overly eclectic in my pursuits and I agree that in some ways life might be easier had I narrowed the field. The thing is that over and over again the words “WHAT IF” pop into my brain and I must drop what I’m doing and listen to the words that follow. What if I leave behind the safety of that solid career to try to build a new business from the ground up? That was a big one! What if I create videos that showcase the beauty of nature? What if those videos can promote tourism and the arts or sell real estate? What if I follow my childhood dream of being a photographer? What if I pick up a brush and move some paint around to see what happens? What if I use this time that I’m coping with illness to paint full moon winter scenes with cabins and skiers and full moons? WHAT IF? WHAT IF? WHAT IF?

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The truth is that listening to the “what if’s” can and will result in spinning wheels. You may be led down a few dead end paths and at times you may feel completely stranded but if you just keep the wheels moving eventually you will find traction. If you keep the wheels moving you will find yourself on a path to completeness that never would have been found had you played it safe. Don’t ever forget that “Every Brilliant Idea begins with ‘What If’”


TwoStepsForward 2500

“Two Steps Forward”

Fetching Water 2500

“Fetching Water”



My Wall In The Denver Art District at Grace Gallery


#Monday Mantra ~Week #31

yesterdays dreams quote

One of my motivating factors for getting back into photography in a big way a few years back was simply to capture reference material for painting.  I haven’t picked up the brush in over a year now and I’m finding that I’m filling the void learning how to paint with my photographs.

This image is a composite of three different photos captured recently.  The background was the night sky over a place in central Colorado that has always been special to me.  The adobe ruins are located in Southern Colorado and the wild horse was captured last week in Northern Colorado.

I welcome your critique..good or bad.  Have a great week!


#Monday Mantra ~ Week #18

fall for something quote

I first wrote about this play on words just over four years ago in a post entitled “If you don’t fall for something, you will stand for anything – An Artist’s Mantra”. Going back and reading that post reaffirms for me, how powerful and effective mantras can be. Perhaps more than any other, this mantra has caused me to stubbornly demand a life that I am passionate about, even when the safety of returning to a “job” seems like the sensible thing to do.

Have a great week!

#Monday Mantra ~ Week #15

truth and dreams

Happy Monday to all.  I shot this photo of the “wolf moon” yesterday morning, a bizarre sight of the setting full moon at dawn.  After processing I found myself going back two or three times to make sure this is really how it looked.  Was the Moon really that yellow?  Were the mountains really that blue?  It turns out that the streaming lights as captured by a slow shutter speed are the only real slight of hand used.  The rest oddly enough was pretty much as I saw it.  Why am I having such a difficult time believing that the world I live in actually looks like this?  Sometimes you just have to pinch yourself.

Have a wonderful week!

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#Monday Mantra ~ Week #14

forgive and remember

One might think that this Monday Mantra Challenge business is my way of escaping my self imposed blogging responsibilities.  My pattern over the past few years has been to post fairly substantial content once or twice a week.  Recently though, I’ve simply been throwing a one liner into the universe each Monday to see if it sticks.

When I started this blog it was my intention that it would somehow be a cog in the wheel along my own creative journey.  I also hoped that my efforts would lead to something beyond my own self improvement.  I hoped that I might be able to inspire someone else not to give up their dreams.

With the Monday Mantra, I’m finding that there is something very meditative about the process of combining my art with the lessons of life.  In fact, I’m learning that art and life experience are not mutually exclusive, they feed off of each other.  We are all fielding our share of curve balls; distractions that will throw us off course if we let them.  The secret to moving forward perhaps is to learn how to turn those distractions into  rocket fuel!




#Monday Mantra ~ Week #12

coin it

May 2016 be the most successful year ever for You and for Me!

I make this toast from my heart. My brain is a bit more hesitant to get involved in what it considers to be whimsical wishes. My brain is busy paying attention to the headlines. My brain is trying to make sense out of the Current State of Mankind. My brain can’t quite believe what my eyes and ears are telling it. If you are anything like me, you’re shocked to realize that nothing really shocks you anymore. You are witnessing global human conflicts occur at previously unimaginable levels and you are witnessing the early effects of a very scary planetary climate shift. If you are anything like me, its kind of hard to remain positive about the future.

So, back to my New Years toast. How can I wholeheartedly believe and visualize that 2016 can be the greatest year ever? The truth is, every generation has had distractions that it considered to be overwhelming and perhaps even hopeless yet it somehow found a way to overcome. It always helps me come back to the light of positive thoughts to find inspiration in the words of others that I can take ownership of figuratively speaking. Roughly 100 years ago, Napoleon Hill wrote a something that gets right to the point.

“What helped you over the great obstacles of life?” was asked of a highly successful man. “The other obstacles,” He replied.

May 2016 be the most successful year ever for You and for Me!

Inspiration Tuesday

What the mind of man can Conceive and Believe, It can Achieve. ~ Napoleon Hill

refraction BLOG

Reflections And Refractions

If you have a dream that you wish to bring to fruition while you walk this earth you are not alone. Look around and you will see that the world is filled with people who have common ambitions. A person who takes great risks against heavy odds in order to transform a vision into a tangible creation is by their very nature an Artist. It really doesn’t matter whether we are looking at Michael Angelo, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs or perhaps Yourself, all Artists find that the road to success begins at the moment an original thought pops into the mind and sparks a flame that cannot be extinguished.

reflection BLOG

“Water Colors”

For me, inspiration always occurs when I least expect it, when I see something plain in a new way that makes it extraordinary. I went for a walk along the banks of the Platte River on Saturday. It was a gorgeous fall afternoon, yet in comparison to some of the places I’ve found myself in recently, the setting was barely above mediocre. I had to literally, look below the surface of the big picture in order to find the excitement that I now feel when I look back at the images. These photographs are not an end result. They are the moment of conception of a new idea.

platte FB

“Platte River Afternoon”