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“Every Brilliant Idea Begins With ‘What If'”

From the day my parents handed me a Kodak Brownie and a roll of film I’ve been enchanted by the notion that the things that I witness and experience can be frozen in time and shared with others. I recognized the story telling power of a single image, even better a compilation of them. At the age of fourteen I made one of the best decisions of my life. I signed up for Photo 101 as a high school freshman and for the first time the universe seemed to be in balance with my excitement for photography. Learning accelerated and successes mounted throughout my school years as I worked my way through the ranks of the student media, ultimately becoming Editor In Chief of the Curecanti, one of the nations top collegiate yearbooks.

For the next couple of decades my priorities shifted toward raising family and operating the very demanding family business. Sometime around the age of 40, the desire to resurrect my creative pursuits resurfaced and the process of re-imagining my life commenced.

Today, my Wife and I own a small video production company that caters to business, tourism and the arts. Our work has been featured by the State of Colorado and on PBS. I continue to innovate and hone my craft as a commercial photographer specializing in Architecture, Landscape and Nature. My work has been purchased for display in public spaces and in a growing number of publications including 5280 and Open Fences magazines, A growing client list keeps me on my toes and I find myself specializing in large custom commission prints. As if I didn’t have enough on my plate, I am actively pursuing my new fascination with story telling through oil and acrylic painting. My original paintings are selling online and at Grace Gallery in Denver.

Michael Scott

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37 thoughts on “About Michael Scott

  1. You are not alone. I was an artist at a very young age, but allowed the business world to absorb me. Working in law, I lost my reference point of who I was inside. A major shift happened to me around 38, and I found myself living in the North Georgia Mountains. It was meant to be. Now attending college with my daughter here in Young Harris, it seems like I’ve started life all over again at age 46. Taking music lessons, art and writing classed, it has helped me find who I used to be. I am sure my friends and family think I’ve lost my mind, but I have had enough of the corporate world, big cities, money and materialism. I am an artist, always have been, just lost the way. I like your art. The moon is very fascinating. My art teacher says you need to feel your way around, step back and let your art talk to you. I’ve followed her advice, and found many projects wanting to come to life. Thanks for your post. It was good to know there are others who are coming full circle in realizing their purpose in this lifetime.

    • Thanks much for your comments and inspiration Connie. The deeper I go into this journey, the more I realize that I’m not alone. Living your life in the pursuit of that which you are passionate about is the surest way to be the best friend to those you love.

  2. Hello Michael! I loved what you said in your reply to Connie. “Living your life in the pursuit of that which you are passionate about is the surest way to be the best friend to those you love.” I’m not sure about you, but my true friends and supporters love to see me pursue my passion. I am more pleasant and more attentive after a good round at my easel. I’m happy to have met you on Twitter and look forward to more of your posts.

    • Thanks for the compliment Toni, I have a wonderful family and I think they are all happy to see me get on track here, so I am lucky in that regard as well. Great to meet you too, I’ll keep an eye out for you.

  3. Hi Michael. I’m still splitting my time between my personal art and my day job, waiting for those 7 day weekends. I waited longer than you to make my way back to art that I am passionate about. I admire you, and anyone really, who has the courage to make such a change. Best of luck along your path!

  4. Hi Michael,

    I was searching around the web and saw your page – in part I came across it because we share the same name and are probably similar ages – I was born in 1958. I chose to make art a career when I was a freshman in college, and I have never regretted it. I am glad that this passion re-awakend for you – no matter at what age. I clicked on your site because I was drawn to the painting you have of the ice skaters. It reminded me of my youth and also of my love for Robert Frost’s poems.

    If you are interested in seeing what one of the many other michael scott’s that are out there make – I am the one whose work has been primarily line paintings – color and black and white. I put the gallery I work with in NY website as my website – the link takes you to an upcoming show I have, but if you like, you can click on the site to see other images of my work as well.

    Happy new year to you.
    Michael Scott

    • Hi Michael, Thanks for reaching out and sharing your comments and your site. Congrats on your success as an artist. Just for the record, Michael is my first name and Scott is my middle name but I am truly in the club nonetheless. Great Luck to You. Michael Scott

  5. Well, I guess I am not alone then. I was able to rekindle my passion for arts recently but haven’t really gotten deep into it. Reading your story, looks like it is time for me to go deeper into photography and sketching. 🙂

    Loved your art work… all the best!

  6. Boy can I relate. I keep coming back to the artist in me who began as a little girl but had a hard time developing consistently throughout my lifetime. I’m now over 50 as well and loving all kinds of artistic expressions. I guess it is never too late to find your muse. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Michael…
    .In the wee hours one morning, I had spent hours looking at profiles. I came across yours and was so very taken by some of your art.. I stupidly moved on and continued glancing at least a hundred more artists and found myself always comparing them to you.Unfortunately,,i ; didn’t write down your name and spent a few more hours back tracking to find you again.
    You live the life that I can only dream about…Early in my thirties, living in Lake Elsinore California,I began exploring my artist side. I dabbled in dried floral and woods. Simple weeds became an arrangement of colorful dried flowers cascading off woods, telling there own story. Within the arrangement, I began writing poetic words to follow the scape of my creations..I only could dream about making a living doing this..Unfortunately,the tides did not flow my way.
    I am 50,now…. living in Colorado.,,One day looking at CL, I encountered a garage sale where everything was free!!.a Large roll of canvas spoke to me and followed me home with paints ,compressor and air gun. Never having used anything a but a spray can of paint, I experimented and cultivated myself.The air gun thing wasn’t for me,…- but the painting on canvas…well, I let it flow through me!!. I began painting masterpieces, as i call them.. When i looked at your paintings,,i told myself “I’ve been there”. Now I was sating the same about myself.
    Still struggling with past, I find myself more and more wanting to” turn the page” as they say and explore my total creative side ,as a entrepreneur . This is what I would love to do and you my friend gave me that inspiration after taking the time to read about you. I dont know if I can make it work,but I will try to follow my heart and give it all I have Thank you again for letting me allow myself to expand through vicarious pleasures and for allowing myself the chance to set myself free !!!!Your art let me breathe.. Lillian Gerler

    • Lillian, I am so sorry that I didn’t acknowledge your incredibly thoughtful comments sooner. The truth is, I have been very absent from my blog the last year and a half, overwhelmed with the task of giving care to my Father. He passed away from a long battle with Parkinson’s Disease the day before yesterday. I am so glad that I was somehow able to inspire you and I hope only the best for your pursuit of your dreams. As you might see, I am starting to blog again..and respond to neglected comments (sorry again).

  8. Hi Michael – It seems that so many of us are finding “our way back home”, so to speak. I always loved writing, and as a young girl, I thought I’d grow up to become a writer. But life has its own twists and turns. I ‘m just grateful that now, at a much older and wiser age, I’m still able to become a poet and writer (and I have so much more writing material!)

    • Thanks so much Shery. I think my favorite thing about keeping a blog is connecting with others who have overcome their own obstacles and followed that creative voice within that says “do it”. It recharges my battery to hear from people just like you. I love your story on “Wholefullness” by the way..keep up the good work.

      • Hi Michael – It’s a pleasure to connect with people like you too. It’s inspiring and encouraging to know that we’re all on the same journey, seeking to be the best we can and sharing the best of what we have.

        Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate them!

  9. I’ve enjoyed my wander around your sight and love your work. I’m just opening my eyes so will critique your painting when more awake. 🙂

    Thanks for visiting me so I could find you. Blessings…

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my latest post! I too am a bit of late bloomer — majored in studio art in college (BA), but practicality (and luck, or fate) steered me into the graphic arts, and I built a career in communications and design. Always made art anyway, but not to any extent until a relocation forced my age-out retirement. Now — blessed be! — I’m a fine artist at last. Still working my way into it. Good fortune to you — your work and attitude are both splendid.
    — Glenda

  11. Hi, Michael: You may have already participated in the Liebster Awards, but if not, I’ve recognized your blog with the Liebster Award, a way of bloggers highlighting other blogs they love. If you’d like to participate, (and no worries, if not) you can read about how to pay it forward on my site https://artwewonderful.com/2016/06/11/paying-it-forward-with-the-liebster-award/. I look forward to receiving your photographs and words of inspiration each Monday, and wanted to say thanks!

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