#Monday Mantra ~ Week # 27

never too early mantra.jpg

We had a huge spring weather event in Colorado this week. Two feet of very wet, very heavy snow blanketed the area for 36 hours straight. How could any of the early season color survive? About halfway through the storm I attempted to knock the weight off of our sagging trees and bushes, a exercise in futility. Somehow, some way within a few days most of the flora will pick up right where it was when the snowfall began.

As an artist I can really relate to this scenario. So often I tell myself that I’m just not quite ready to put myself out there. If I wait a little longer, develop my craft a little more…then I’ll be ready. Last night, we celebrated the end of the storm by ordering Chinese food. You probably know about me and my fortune cookies..I take them very seriously. Here’s what I got.


The universe seems to be saying loud and clear “It’s never too early to give it your best shot. Last week, I launched my first ETSY store and I’ve been quite busy stocking the shelves with my art. I’d love it if you would click on the link below, check it out and give me some feedback. While you are there, if you would throw me a “favorite” or two it will really help with my SEO.

etsy link shot

Have a great week!

#Monday Mantra ~ Week #26

true artistry

I spend an inordinate amount of time searching searching for my own identity. At times it feels safe to be able to hide behind a title. A title feels good until I begin to wonder, “is this all there is?” I’ve had a number of titles in my life. Among them in chronological order are Student, Athlete, Photographer, Editor, Realtor, Clerk, Cook, Carpenter, Errand Boy, Manager, Vice President, President, Hotelier, Resterauntuer, Producer, Ad Man, Writer, Painter and then Photographer again. I’m worn out just looking at the list.

My most recent badge, Photographer, is beginning to wear out its welcome. Pandora’s box has been opened and I’m beginning to let new ideas into my self proclaimed identity. I’m  having urges that will bring on the lashings of criticism and perhaps even discrimination from my piers. I’m spending more and more time in the virtual darkroom, dipping my hands and my work into the developer of experimentation. The Photographer title is beginning to feel like a tightly drawn collar and tie. It occurs to me that titles are meant for artwork, not for the artists who create it.

Have a wonderful week!