#Monday Mantra ~ Week #24

what if FB

I stumbled upon a photograph this past week that really inspired me.  It was a picture of a person walking on a beach yet there was a heavy element of surrealism in the sky which was painted in somehow to bring about the best of both worlds…a composite work of art. I began dreaming almost immediately about ways that I could combine my photography and painting skills to produce something entirely new and exciting.  This composite is made up of three photographs captured in the last month or so and I’m kind of blown away by the process of dreaming up how to combine and manipulate them to arrive at one finished piece.  This is a much needed wake up call, it’s time to step out of the comfort zone and begin asking “what if”.  Have a great week!

#Monday Mantra ~ Week #22

towering genius copy.jpg

This week’s mantra came to me while reviewing some of the paintings that I completed several years ago and being reminded how important it is to set the imagination free.  About a year ago, I set aside the brush in favor of advancing my photography skills.  Hundreds and hundreds of hours have been applied to the craft of capturing the literal world through the lens and then completing the resulting image for presentation.  All the while I’ve believed that somehow the photography will make me a better painter.  This morning’s exercise reminds me that the opposite is also true.  I can allow my painter’s imagination to have more influence on my photography.

I hope you have a great and productive week!