#Monday Mantra ~ Week #17

waters edge

Whew! Almost missed the deadline.  I had to borrow this weeks mantra from Napoleon Hill.  The photo was taken Saturday morning before the sun came up.  All of the planets were lined up in the sky and there was the most incredible crescent moon out over a local frozen lake.  Have a great week!

3 thoughts on “#Monday Mantra ~ Week #17

  1. Sorry I haven’t commented for a while. I have been following your posts and have enjoyed them very much. This week’s quote is so beautiful in combination with such a fantastic photograph! I hope you don’t mind that I nicked your idea of a Monday #x project. It’s just such a good idea. Keeping a weekly post on my blog has really helped my motivation. Thanks for the inspiration! x

    • Sorry? Thanks so much for the needed encouragement! I’m glad the idea helped you with your idea. For me, the monday mantra has allowed me to focus on a few words that I can be “mindful” of each week and I’m spending a lot less time in the actual mind space of writing than has been my pattern. For now, I think this is a good thing for me. Keep up the great work, you are an incredible creative.

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