#Monday Mantra ~ Week #5

define potential BLOG

You know the drill. It happens when you are really hungry, you don’t feel like cooking and you can’t come to terms with exactly what you desire. You pick up the phone and a short while later the door bell rings and you are handed a paper bag that has way more food in it than you can possibly eat in one setting. Chinese Food Rocks and life just doesn’t get much better. Or at least that’s the way you feel until you open up your fortune cookie only to discover a losing Lotto Number on one side and a disappointing message on the other…..WTF.

I have an idea that I’ll share with you if you promise to keep it a secret. In fact, If you want in on the ground floor there is still room for you (just send me a small check to secure your spot). You see, the world wants good fortunes in their cookies and the declining standards of the fortune cookie monopolies have created a ripe business opportunity. I mean, where is the quality control? My case and point are made by my most recent experience. Can you guess which one I kept for myself and which one I gave to the Cat?

My start up will deliver a product that tastes infinitely better than vanilla laced cardboard and every single message will be uplifting and positive. I don’t see how it could fail. Are You In?

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