Mantra Monday

finishing last quote FB

So…What do you think about a 52 week Mantra Monday Challenge?  Each Monday, I select a photo from the week before, add words of encouragement to it and send it off in cyberspace like a fortune cookie on steroids.  Let me know what you think?

Tammy and I ran up to Estes Park yesterday in search of fall colors.  Too far north and too high in elevation, we were obviously late to the party.  It was quite an effort to find meaningful images.  In comparison to the abundant material that I’ve recently been accustomed to, I found myself struggling to get excited about what I was shooting.  Then, Tammy spotted the tree that would not quit, the tree that holds fast to its brilliance long after the others have surrendered to the oncoming winter.

13 thoughts on “Mantra Monday

  1. Love the Mantra Monday idea. Will you be encouraging other bloggers to join and link back to you? I image by now, RMNP would be leafless so finding that one tree was indeed special.

  2. I like the mantra Monday too. Are you wanting us to make one too, or just be encouraged by yours. At the moment, I no longer have a blog and I don’t take a lot of pictures but I want to be encouraged by your photos and encouragement. On the other hand, I’ve been thinking about writing an encouragement blog lately. So this actually might be a good prompt for me.

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