The Give And Take Of 55

“Kite Lake”

For me, the number fifty-five always brings to mind memories of the “Double Nickel” speed limit. Back in 1974, congress enacted a National Speed Limit Law in the interest of conservation. It took 14 long years to repeal the law after it was determined that the fuel savings was less than 1%. Just think about traveling cross country at the rate of almost two hours per hundred miles conjures up images of extreme boredom and/or torture. In 1988, the pace of life accelerated to 75mph (or faster ;)) with a cel phone in hand. Wow, things have changed.

“Old and Strong”

bristlecone branches wm

In three days I will celebrate my “Double Nickel” Birthday with my Family. Everyone will be with me to hold my hand as I cross the threshold with the exception of my oldest Daughter who is hiking across Spain at the pace of 20 Km. per day on the Camino De Santiago Trail. I am one lucky guy with a really great Family. This is the year that I’ll turn 55 and become a Grandfather, Wow things have changed.

My Gorgeous Wife

My Gorgeous Wife

Last Sunday, the festivities began with a drive up to the mountains witness the beauty of summer in the Colorado high country. We ended up at Kite Lake, which sits at about 12,000 ft. and is flanked by three “fourteeners”. It was a return to the scene of the crime where a couple of friends and I “bagged” the peaks of Mts. Lincoln, Democrat and Bross roughly thirty years earlier. The wildflowers were beautiful, the lake was filled with crystal clear glacial snow melt and the bristlecone pines were just as I remembered. I however, quickly reacted to the altitude with a headache and dehydration and I couldn’t fathom climbing even one peak. Wow, things have changed.

Wildflowers at Kite Lake

Wildflowers at Kite Lake

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