A Rambling Remembrance Of My Four Legged Friends

“I love to take photographs, So Mama don’t take my Kodachrome away” ~ Paul Simon

Dogs In Snow

“Icy Paws” (24″x48″) Acrylic on Canvas – The Boys are all together now.

I’m having a tough time even coming up with one post this week.  In fact its been tough getting anything done this week.  We had to put down Old Charlie Boy, Our beloved 15 year old Wheaten Sheltie mix.  It was time for him to “head off to college” to join his brothers.  Charlie was our last man standing.  So I’m grasping a bit for a subject, but hang in there with me, it usually works out the way it should.

There is something to be said for always having a camera in your pocket.  As a professional photographer I’m well aware of the limitations of my new iPhone 6, but as fine art painter I celebrate the convenience it provides.  When I see something that inspires me, no matter where I am I can point and shoot in a matter of seconds.  What I end up with is valuable reference material that will later help me understand and remember how it looks and feels.

These “pix” were shot last evening as Tammy and I returned to Denver from an afternoon outing to the foothills.  It was quite cold out (9 degrees) and a full moon was rising over Denver as the sun was setting behind, the perfect ingredients for a subtle and pleasing collision of warm and cool hues and values.

i70 moon 2

i70 moonrise

My Dad grew up along the banks of Dry Creek in Englewood, Coloroado.  Now, life’s twists and turns have led me to live just upstream from his old stomping grounds and I hike along the Big Dry Creek often.  The Denver Metro area has done an incredible job preserving open space and creating hundreds of miles trails for walking and biking.  Thanks to my iPhone, I can listen to podcasts while I walk (Artist’s Helping Artist’s is my favorite), and when I see something I want to remember I pull it out and snap a pic.

Big dry creek


walking dogs

You never know when one of these snapshots will become your main source of inspiration to do something very creative and you never know when a simple cel-phone pic will become a lasting image of what you hold close to your heart.  “Icy Paws” was one of my first ever paintings.  It was a gift to my wife, who is seen walking through a blizzard with our motley crew about 8 years ago.  The painting was inspired by the adventure of living at 10000 feet in the Colorado Wilderness, but i never could have captured the personalities of these guys without photos to remember them with.

Wheaton Sheltie

9 thoughts on “A Rambling Remembrance Of My Four Legged Friends

  1. Aww…so sorry to hear about the loss of your dog, Michael. I also have four dogs right now entering their elderly years and wonder which will be the first to go, and which will be the last one standing. I love the art of your four dogs with your wife. Also enjoyed the photos. Do you paint on commission? That piece inspired me to have one of my own…

  2. Thanks Bethany, Enjoy them while you have ’em and take lots of pics. Wow I’m flattered about the commission offer, to be honest I’ve never done one. Shoot me an email with some pics if you want and let me know what you have in mind. I’ll let you know if I think I could do it well and how much I’d charge. Good to hear from you. Take care.

  3. I love love love that painting….I’m so thankful that ” I won” and a copy of it hangs in our great room! It is the special touch that makes our log home a home. We often get compliments and questions about that particular painting…I’m always proud to say who did it and what the subject matter is. Thanks for letting me “win” Scott…it is a treasure to me!

  4. I’m awfully sorry to hear about your recent loss … I’m sure Charlie was a lucky boy to have been so loved. Beautiful images … and yes, I too am finding use for the cell phone pics!! Who would have guessed!!

  5. I am sorry for your loss, Michael. This post has beautiful images. I used to live in Denver. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about my life there. Also, thanks for the heads up on the podcast. Always looking for good ones!


  6. I’m sorry for your loss. I love the painting you did of the gang. My dogs are a huge part of my life and are with me all the time, at my feet as I paint, serenading me with snores of inspiration.

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