How Our Little World Has Changed In The Blink Of An Eye

how to create a tiny planet photo in photoshop

Brave New World of Technology and Medicine – Tiny Planet Photoshop Effect

So…What was your favorite Superbowl ad? Hands down, I’d have to say mine was the BMW I3 spot with Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel. If you haven’t seen it, do it now..its all over Youtube. It starts with a clip from the Today Show in 1994, Couric and Gumbel having an in-depth conversation about, of all things…the @ symbol, you know “that little mark with the A and then the ring around it”. You can’t help but get a chuckle out of their confusion, desperately needing an explanation of “what internet is”. OMG and LOL, can you believe how much our world has changed in a metaphorical blink of the eye?

It’s natural to be skeptical of change, but don’t resist too long or you’ll be left in the dust. Remember when digital camera’s first hit the market?  You couldn’t find one in a camera store, only in the neighborhood pc stores where the computer nerds bought parts to build their own computers. I believe my first was the Kodak d100 and it sported like one megapixel resolution and you had to download the images to see what you had, there was no monitor and no view finder. It really wasn’t any more advanced than a shoebox converted to a pinhole camera. The results were disappointing and the popular thought with camera enthusiasts was that film would live forever, this digital thing is just a passing fad.

Fast forward to yesterday and you’ll see that I was testing out my new iPhone 6 and playing with the results in this is progress. My new hobby (as if I need another) is to turn my photos into “Little Worlds”. Not my original idea of course, saw it on the internet. The first time I saw one I thought to myself, that could be fun. The subject matter is the State of the Art University of Colorado Hospital, Children’s Hospital and Anschutz Medical Campus. Back in the 90’s when I took that first digital camera for a spin, only the Fitzsimons Army Hospital existed here. You can see that the old building still stands and is looking for a new purpose. I could tell you how this place has changed my life but that is a whole different story.


Fitzsimmons Army Hospital 1941~ courtesy WikiMedia Commons

UCH Campus Pan

University Of Colorado Hospital, Anschutz Medical Campus, Fitzimons Army and Children’s Hospitals (L to R) – Shot with my iPhone6


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"Back In The Day"

“Back In The Day” – Please Click and Vote

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