My Flight Plan For 2015

Shore Dance #3 - Uplift framed

Shore Dance #3 – Uplift (16″x20″) Acrylic on Canvas

In my dreams, I believe I can fly and therefore, I do. ~ me

As promised, I’ve completed the third painting in this series. Pardon the pun and the cliche, but I find this one to be “uplifting”. The second half of 2014 was productive in that I returned to the easel with a renewed determination to learn, to improve, to produce. I’ve also re-committed myself to this blog after a long dry spell, adding to my recent sense of accomplishment. Those of you who know a little more about me, also know that I am not one to sit idle. In recent years I’ve re-invented myself as a professional photographer, video producer and family caregiver. I’ve been busy.

2015 brings with it a time to pause, reflect and envision the path forward. I truly believe that this will be the year of synergy. I understand as well as anyone that it’s wise to find a niche, to discover what you love, to focus on what you are good at. However my efforts have been complicated a bit due to the fact that I’m pretty good at a number of things that I Love to do. Hey, its not like I want to be a heart surgeon And an astronaut. How will I transform my virtues into a healthy, interdependent livelihood? Do I need to give something up to advance from pretty good to really good? Do you have multiple ambitions that you hope to blend successfully?

4 thoughts on “My Flight Plan For 2015

  1. I wonder whether having multiple passions is simply a consequence of being a creative person? My biggest distraction from painting is music. I play a couple of instruments and have recently treated myself to some recording equipment so I can start writing music again. I can’t say how successful it will be, but my approach for 2015 is to step back from my impulses a little. I have fallen into the pattern of intensively playing one instrument, maybe learn a new piece, then I’ll stop and intensively work on a new painting. Jumping back and forth may sound fairly natural and is not a problem day to day but it can be month long intervals! After long periods it always takes time to get back into the new activity. I’m hoping that I can force myself to mix it up and regularly plan time for both passions alongside each other. My concern is whether you can really schedule creativity.

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