Dad’s First Annual Year End “Pick One” Extravaganza


Its easy to get caught up in year end rituals and say the words “out with the old, in with the new”. It is somewhat harder to act upon those words, to really let go of things that we have become attached to. Personally, I have too many unhealthy habits and they are hard to part with because, over time they have become part of my identity. In fact, even healthy habits have a limited effective lifespan and must be purged at some point in time, lest they become concrete ballasts that prevent us from moving forward to new healthy habits. So many habits to work little time.

I’ve been making a special place in my basement storage room for my painting “archives”. Up thirty inches or so off of the floor (in case of flooding), I now have shelves and slots that make it much easier to file away and review my previous artistic efforts. Perhaps this is the precursor to bigger and better things in 2015, selling my work in a gallery for example. My new library is filled with yesterday’s masterpieces and yesterday’s failures and oddly it it equally hard to part ways with. This year during Christmas visits, each one of my four grown children had an opportunity to take with them the piece of their choice. God knows that they have each been there right beside me on my quest for deeper meaning, a process that has cost them all in one way or another. They all seemed to enjoy the process of gaining something tangible from my madness. I do run the risk that these works may end up in their basement storage rather than mine or that they may end up getting traded around at next Christmas’ white elephant give exchange…Ouch!

Nonetheless, its time to let go of past and to make room for new dreams and ambitions. I’m looking forward to a productive, growth filled year in 2015 and I hope you are as well. Do you find yourself hanging on a little too tight to the past? What to you do to lighten the load so that you can move forward?


6 thoughts on “Dad’s First Annual Year End “Pick One” Extravaganza

  1. What a wonderful gift to each of them! If one does end up in the annual “white elephant” I hope I get it! All of your work is beautiful!

  2. I completely understand what you mean. It is hard. Great you have your kids close, so I’m sure they will love these gifts, at least they should because they look very good. This is a good idea for an artist because take whatever way you want, there will be always quite a lot of works stored. Happy New Year!

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