Random Notions of Art and Life

Makeup's Beach Oahu (12 x 24) acrylic on canvas

Makapu’u Beach Oahu (12 x 24) acrylic on canvas

We live in a world that is constantly changing. At times, we take comfort in the knowledge that everything is temporary. It helps us look around and beyond the unpleasant obstacles in life and gives us hope that we will find something better. On the flip side however, the evolving nature of the universe makes us feel small, insecure and fearful of losing that which now gives us a feeling of joy, comfort and safety. The longer we live, the more we come to understand how quickly and dramatically the tide can shift. We must learn to ebb and flow with the rhythms of fortune, lest we live in fear of the nature of life.

How unpredictable is life? Did you ever think that Bill Cosby had…questionable morals? How could Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Robin Williams leave this world so soon? When we were children, did we dream that skyscrapers would reach so high?  Did we anticipate that one day we would watch them fall to the ground on a beautiful September morning?  We have to take the bad with the good, no matter who we are, no exceptions.

I think a lot people in my age group have given themselves permission to become students once again.  At 54 years old, I am immersed in the process of learning about art and thus about the ways that I might express myself through it. I am compelled to create something less temporary than myself. I am compelled to create something that will help the viewer hope more and fear less. If my work outlives me by even a day it will have been worth all the effort.

Makapu'u Cloudburst (12x24) acrylic on canvas

Makapu’u Cloudburst (12×24) acrylic on canvas

I Survived The Autumnal Shift


Saying goodbye to Summer has always been hard for me and this year was no exception. Actually, I start slipping toward the inevitable melancholia of the Autumnal Shift as early as July 4th some years, Why? Perhaps that is when I am reminded that the exhilaration of Spring will soon give way to the mortality of another seasonal cycle. Hey, it’s not as though I’m in a continual state of depression, so please read on and don’t write me off prematurely as a downer! Fortunately, …Oddly, the Autumnal shift always ends around the first of November. As though a loud snapping of the fingers or perhaps or a proverbial slapping of the face awakens me into a more positive consciousness. I let go of what was and I embrace what is, and what will be. I welcome what is for me, the time of year that my creative spirit is most alive.

Lately, I have become immersed in the warmth and beauty of Hawaii, even though I’m in Colorado. Rather than painting mountain streams and waterfalls, rather than bringing to life snowy scenes I find myself compelled to capture the essence of the beach, the ocean and the waves. Transporting myself to this alternate reality is made somewhat easier with the aid of the extensive photo and video library that I have accumulated in recent years. The walls of my new spacious studio are beginning to fill up with compositional studies of the Mid-Pacific. As an artist, it feels good to be growing once again.