The Ramblings of an April Fool


April Fools!  Another winter has passed, another opportunity to prepare the batch of seed that will yield a harvest of completeness and yet we find ourselves sowing for the most part, more of the same strain.  Habits are not unlike the roots of a tree, they keep us grounded yet tethered in the same old space, good or bad, right or wrong, healthy or unhealthy.  Too often, despite our best efforts to find true and lasting transformation, we find ourselves grappling with the same old demons that we did yesterday, last month and last year.

While there is a humble, if not cynical humor associated with the first day of April, there is also a wake up call, a reminder that transformation doesn’t happen without effort.  We all have the ability to engage our minds in original thought and to realize meaningful and lasting shifts of our own consciousness.  It is the  uncovering of the truths from within that render the past irrelevant and the opinions of others unimportant.  The hard part is maintaining a vigilant watch over that truth to keep it from withering away.

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