It Really Is All Relative

Back in the day, somebody brought home this truck and they must have beamed with pride as the Colorado Sun glimmered and danced on the factory fresh chrome. Imagine the smell of the new upholstery and the feel of the transmission as it shifted from second to third. In all likelihood, at some point in time a happy couple went out for a Sunday drive in this truck and as they noticed an old wooden wagon, abandoned and leaning at the side of the road and they thought to themselves, “back in the day”.

My In-Laws out for a Sunday drive on the new Can-Am

Now, Imagine a line of wooden wagons climbing up Glorieta Pass on the Santa Fe Trail.  Despite the excitement that they must have been feeling as they traveled that last 20 miles, many of these folks parked their rigs and hoofed it up the hill to visit the impressive ruins of the ancient Pecos Indians.  Oh, how these weary travelers must have marveled at the ingenuity of those who accomplished so much without the “modern conveniences” that they had.

The Pecos Mission (circa 1600) on a hill next to the Santa Fe Trail

Last Saturday, en route home from a weekend getaway in Santa Fe I felt compelled to take the exit from I-25 to see what the Pecos National Historical Site was all about.  And as I walked about the ancient city on the hill, I thought to myself Wow, “back in the day”.

My Family in front of the Old Pecos Mission on a hill near I-25

7 thoughts on “It Really Is All Relative

  1. I am always wondering how things and life used to be. Areas like New Mexico have a way of bringing that feeling out of you. A few years ago, I visited the Valles Caldera park, and wow was it incredible. I could just imagine the Native American tribes that camped there and how newbie settlers would have been in awe at their first look of that breathtaking valley.

    [sigh] I so wish I could time travel. 😉

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