After Monday And Tuesday, Even The Calendar Says WTF

April Fools Day came and went without a glitch.  For a change, the first of April completely snuck up on me and I failed to pull off a single stunt.  On the flipside, I was not on the receiving end either. The Kids(23, 21 and 20) were visiting for the weekend, we played frisbee golf on the property, had a bar-b-q and got sun burned.   Well, Today is the 3rd, and guess what?  Somebody put a slow burning fuse on a pretty good April Fools prank, three feet of snow and still coming down with a fury, boy did I get punked.

I usually try to refrain from profanity in my posts and all the more in a headline.  Today is the exception to the rule.  I know we need the moisture and this storm is an absolute Godsend as far as the wildfires and the farmers are concerned, but the truth is, I’m Mad as Hell about it and I’m not gonna take it anymore, I Want Summer!

I thought I’d write down some of the crazy thoughts that have gone through my mind and some of the things that have come out of my mouth so far this morning.  Enjoy.

–        (Laying in bed at sunrise) – “looks kind of cloudy outside.”

–        (First look out the window) – “OMG – Looks Like I’m gonna have to put the plow back on the four wheeler.”

–        “Hey, where IS the four wheeler?”

–        “Hey, where did I leave the plow?”

–        “My snow boots must be in the car.”

–        “Hey, where IS the car?”

–        “I don’t think the four wheeler could plow four feet of snow anyway.”

–        “Where are my keys?, oh yea, left them out on the deck next to the ….oh shit!”

–        “I’ll just cozy up and get some work done on the computer.”

–        “Did I really write a post called Two Springs Forward And One Spring Back just one week ago on the other blog,”

–        “I’ll write another post today called Spring Back, Way Back.”

–        “Why isn’t the satellite working?”

–        “Charlie (our dog) needs to go potty, c’mon Charlie lets dig our way over there.”

–        “Where did I leave that snow shovel?”

–        “%8&-#!^0, my back hurts.”

–        “Charlie..Charlie where are you?”

–        “Ok, where is that satellite dish?”

–        “What time are those 30 MPH winds suppose to start again?”

–        “Am I out of wine?”

–        “April showers bring May flowers, April showers bring May flowers, April showers bring May flowers.”

–        “I can use profanity in my posts every once in a while, can’t I?”

–        “The last thing I remember I was reading my Law of Attraction book, and then I was hoping it wouldn’t snow anymore.”

–        “I can’t wait for the temperature to get back in the 60’s the day after tomorrow?”

–        “I thought…maybe mud season was over”

–        “I sure am glad I graded out all those deep ruts in the driveway last week”

–        “I sure am glad we didn’t hide those Easter eggs in the yard.”

–        “Have they ever cancelled Easter?”

–        “Today is a good day to paint.”

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8 thoughts on “After Monday And Tuesday, Even The Calendar Says WTF

  1. Yep, made me laugh too. We’ve got nothing up here in Denver as compared to you…damn, 3 feet! Ooops, sorry for the bad language. 😉 A colleague of mine lives on the north side of the Springs. She worked from home today…wasn’t about to venture over Monument Hill. She said the winds last night reminded her of hurricane winds (she’s from Florida)…she thought about the damage they can cause and then remembered she doesn’t have to worry about fixing anything since she lives in an apartment.

    I’m thinking Mother Nature has a delayed sense of humor if you ask me. 😉

  2. I’m totally with you on this–almost. I live in Ohio where one day it can be 20 degrees F and the next, 60. You just never know. But I said I’m “almost” with you on this because this year has been unseasonably warm and relatively stable. Well, except for the loads of thunderstorms. But yeah, I get it. WTF!

    • It’s all in good fun. Tammy and I talk all the time about going somewhere else and then we take a long hard look at the shortcomings of almost all climates and we back off. The truth is, we really needed the moisture and it will now be a very green spring. Thanks for you comments and keep your eyes on those skies in Ohio.

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