aLL oF LIfE iS An eXpeRimeNt

Try, and try again.

Cracking open a fortune cookie after enjoying a meal at a favorite Chinese restaurant is one of life’s odd rituals.  The routine is familiar to most of us.  Eat until full, put leftovers in box, then break the tiny dessert into two pieces revealing a little slip of paper that has something wise written on it.   When I like my fortune, I slip it into my wallet for safekeeping.  When I don’t particularly understand its relevance, I bid for a trade or light heartedly ask the waiter for another.

A few days ago while pulling a credit card out of my wallet, a fortune fell out that said, “Do not be too timid or squeamish about your actions, all of life is an experiment”.  I know well why I tucked this one away.  You see, I am in the midst of big life changes and have been for some time.  I left behind the safety and security of a successful, yet ultimately un-fulfilling business path years ago and have been searching for creative enlightenment and fulfillment every since.

Along the way, I have tried many new things and I have suffered failures.  At times, these failures have caused so much pain that I have literally coiled up into the fetal position wishing to return somehow to what is sure and safe.  Fortunately, the bridge to the past is no longer standing.  Fortunately, I have no choice but to move forward, taking the lessons that I have learned from my defeats and applying them boldly to my future “experiments”.  Am I talking about art, or business, or relationships?  The wise message in my fortune cookie applies just as it says, to “all of life”.

2 thoughts on “aLL oF LIfE iS An eXpeRimeNt

  1. Oh how true! Keep moving forward and enjoy the journey no matter how painful it may sometimes seem…God has a plan for our lives if we will just be still, listen and, obey.
    Love the new painting Scott…we are so proud of you!!!

    • Patsy, alot of people give up on their dreams and passions when those close to them are not supportive. I feel so fortunate to have You and Harry in my life and I appreciate all the encouragement. I do need it.

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