The Winds of Change

                           Don’t ever stop believing that there is something better, yet to be discovered, just beneath the surface. 

"Treasure Beneath" 20"x20" oil on canvas

Hey, What happened to Summer?  I swear it was just here!  The days were long and the light breezes made the soft leaves dance in the trees.  What happened to the tall grass and the delicate flowers that blanketed the earth and why aren’t the critters dashing and fluttering about?

The winds of change are blowing winter into the Colorado high country with a certain intensity that I have not seen in several years.  Adjusting to the cold and snow after reveling in the warm colors and textures of summer is always a challenge, but this year the transition seems unusually harsh and perhaps even cruel.   For me, lamenting the loss of summer is an annual ritual.  As though I have lost a dear friend, I beat my breast in defiance until I finally accept it’s passing.  And with the awakening, I turn my gaze from what has been toward what will be.