Recreation and Re-Creation, Food For The Painter’s Soul


Mid-Summer in the high country of Colorado is a sight to behold.  It always amazes me how quickly and completely the transformation occurs as the winds of winter and sub freezing temperatures subside, creating an opportunity for all of nature to revel in a playground of sensory overload, an explosion of life.  This season is short, usually lasting for only about eight or ten weeks but it is so dynamic that even the earth itself seems to grow.

Upper Taylor River - Fly Fishing Heaven

This July, I was particularly fortunate to have spent a dozen or so days camping in the rugged and spectacular beauty of the Gunnison National Forest with my Wife, our two dogs and with my Wife’s Parents.  It was in these mountains that I spent my college years and it was long overdue to re-visit the place where I have climbed so many mountains and fished so many rivers.  Just as I draw my inspiration to paint winter landscapes and skiing adventures from my memories in the Gunnison National Forest, I realized that my inspiration for painting summer also comes from that place and time.

Plein-Air Afternoon

In the past few weeks, after returning home I’ve been busy.  I find myself painting again, making the transition back into the world of color.  My mind is racing with ideas and a desire to paint fly fisherman and lakes and streams and the magic world of summer in the Rockies.  The time I spent on the trip taking photographs and painting in plein-air, has provided me with the material that I need to re-capture the essence of those experiences.

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