The Art Is In The Flaw

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

In a perfect world, each moment would be divided and proportioned in such a way that all of our priorities would receive just the right amount of attention from us at just the right time.  Our Family, Spiritual, Work and Social lives would be in perfect harmony with each other and we would skate through life in a state of balance.  Dream on you crazy dreamer or wake up and smell the coffee, this is not a perfect world.

We can search the high heaven, the depth of the sea and every nook and cranny of this earth looking for perfect balance and we will not find it.  The truth for most of us is, if we found true circles and squares and straight lines in nature, we would decide that we like the semi-circles, almost squares and nearly straight lines better.  Most of us see art and beauty in that which is imperfect.  Consider how many people photograph, admire and paint the Leaning Tower of Pisa each-year?

So, if it is easy to prefer the imperfect in Art, why is it difficult to prefer the imperfect in Life?  As for me, I allowed my life to become so out of balance for so long that I could no longer see the Art in it.  Now that I’m swinging my life back the other way, I have the tendency to write off any circumstance that is less than perfect as unacceptable.  In doing so, I miss an opportunity to look for the Art in the Flaw.  With this realization, I am learning that life is a moderation thing.  Balance and Art are found in life’s shades of grey, not in the black and the white.

"Finding Balance" 18x24 oil on canvas

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