Five Minute Holiday – Reflections Oahu


A near perfect June morning rises from the east and the sounds of the forest are alive and happy.  The absence of wind is welcome and in the stillness, the smoke from wildfires two states away has settled in, throwing hues of magenta into the atmosphere.  The warmth of the early summer sun is laced softly on the left side of my face and body and I sit quietly in my favorite chair, sipping coffee and soaking up the peacefulness of the moment.  This is how I’d prefer to start every day.

For most of us, life becomes so busy and cluttered with responsibilities and worry and noise that we forget to make the time to find peace in the beauty of a moment like this.  How different would life be if each and every day we made it a priority to free our minds of the clutter, if even for just a few minutes yielding to the simple side of living, no matter where we are?

Tammy and I have accumulated a great deal of video footage over the course of the last few years while visiting my parents on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.  After each visit, we unpack the bags and download the footage into the abyss of the digital archives, and we get busy again with our lives in Colorado.  This past week, I finally made the time to pull together some of my favorite images and set them to music for a video Birthday card for my Dad.  I was so inspired by the power of that video, that I took another step and put together this five minute video for myself and anyone else who takes the time to watch it.  It is for me, a quick meditative escape to simplicity, peace and beauty and I hope it is for you as well.

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