Finding an Identity – I’m a Romanticist


"Cross Country" 18x24 oil on canvas

Over the course of the past few years, I have often seached for a label for the genre, the subject and the motivation that is in my art and in my Heart.  Being relatively new to painting and having such a powerful desire to express myself through art, the experimental stage of my growth has seen me attempting abstract and surreal, portrait and landscape amongst other hybrids of the four.  This winter the wings of good fortune lifted me up and I was allowed more time to devote to painting than I have ever had before, and I chose to paint a series of twelve full moon winter landscapes, each one with some element of adventure from my past, my fondest memories.

I’ve painted these types of paintings in the past.  Moonlight, Log Cabins, Skiers and even guys fetching water from the stream, and then I went off and tried other subjects, sometimes with success and sometimes with nothing more than a thick textured layer to sand and gesso over so I could try again.  The whole process of discovery has been enlightening, but a greater sense of satisfaction comes from fact that I seem to have found my identity as a Romanticist.

I’ve always admired the great moonlight seascape artists.  In February, Tammy and I made our way to Oahu, our annual visit with my parents who live in Hawaii Kai.  No trip to Hawaii is complete for me without seeing the original brush strokes of a group of painters that I’ve come to admire and respect.  Names like Casay, Wyland and Tabora come to mind when I think of art that truly captures the feeling and essence of a Hawaiian sunset, moonscape or seascape.  These artist all have a quality that I embrace.

One afternoon, we found ourselves in the Tabora Gallery in Waikiki( and it was there that I realized that I am a romanticist.   On his website, Tabora says about his work, “I romanticize, The scenes I portray are memories I have imagined…memories of when the footprints of men were not so prolific and deep. Nature alone is the subject of my work. Its allure is exquisitely pure.  That’s what I wish to convey. I see Hawaii’s land and sea the essence of beauty itself. It reaches to me with a richness of emotion that I simply must express.” .

Like Tabora, I romanticize some about the nature of the ocean.  But it is the richness of emotion that the adventure of the mountains evoke that I feel compelled to express.  So as I progress, you will not find me painting portraits, abstracts, surrealism or realism.  I am a romanticist and under that label you will find my work.

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