Three Questions That Will Change Your Luck

“Most who attain the higher brackets of success seldom do so until they have gone through some event that reached deeply into their souls and reduced them to that circumstance of life which most call failure.” ~ Napoleon Hill

Opposites attract?  I beg to differ.  It’s been my experience that when it comes to good and bad fortune, otherwise thought of as luck, “Like attracts Like”.  Have you heard the old saying that bad luck comes in three’s?  It is more likely closer to the truth that we allow bad luck to feed upon itself several times in a row, before waking up to the idea that we have the ability to alter our consciousness, thus ending the chain reaction.

When something goes wrong, terribly wrong, it is our tendency to become defensive, regretful and angry.  Our first inclination is to feel sorry for ourselves and from there we focus our minds on fear, hoping that something else bad doesn’t happen.  In my experience, bad luck will not even end at three unless I find within myself the strength to alter my own mind-set, rejecting fear and embracing hope.

Less than one year ago, I was living in a train wreck of hard luck, a sequence of negative events that seemed endless.  Cancer in the family, business disappointments being associated with people I did not trust and respect were the headliners, but my string of like kind fortune didn’t begin or end with these circumstances.  It really seemed as though things would never go right again.  Today, the cancer appears to be defeated, I am moving forward in business and I am wiser in choosing with whom I am associated.  Above all, I am off to a great start in the pursuit of my passion to be a successful artist and well, a lot of things are really going right.  What caused my luck to reverse course so abruptly?

I think everything really started to turn around for me when I picked up and read The Law Of Success, a thousand page book written by Napoleon Hill a hundred years ago.  I didn’t just read his work, I studied it as if my very life depended upon it.  I began to understand that my own mind more to do with my own luck than any external force or circumstance.  I began to believe that I deserved a better life than the one to which I had become accustomed and low and behold, little by little, hope returned.

My transformation didn’t occur overnight, it took many months.  I still struggle with the pain and anger over past events but I now know that I have the ability to alter my course.  When the beast rears its ugly head and I begin to dangle my feet in those turbulent waters of despair again, there are three questions that I can ask myself that somehow seem to get me quickly back on the path of good fortune.

WHAT IS GOING RIGHT?  This list should be as long as your arm if you have the mindset of thankfulness.

WHAT IS GOING WRONG?  This list should be short if you disallow things that are temporary.

WHAT DO I WANT?  You have to be able to say it to get it.

If you are having a rash of really bad luck and you are losing hope that it will ever end, I hope that you might ask yourself these same three questions.  It may be the beginning of a string of great luck.

6 thoughts on “Three Questions That Will Change Your Luck

  1. That was an incredibly inspiring post! And it arrived in my inbox with perfect timing as lately I feel things spiralling out of my control! So happy to hear you turned your luck around!

  2. Wise words my friend. Sometimes Michael it seems as if we bring circumstances to ourselves in order to force our eyes open. Sounds like you have succeeded. Well done and I wish you incredible good fortune. Sincerely. Stu 🙂

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