A Colorado Artist Field Trip

In 2007, I picked up a book titled “The Artists’s Way” by Julia Cameron that changed my life in two ways.  First, Julia’s “Morning Pages” concept sowed the seed within me that has now become a habit of daily journaling.  Second, Julia’s suggestion that one makes time for “Artist Dates” also took hold over the course of time.  At first I scoffed a bit at the idea of going out and spending time with Me doing whatever I desired so that I might be inspired.  After all, I had a family, responsibilities and a job and those things had always sat higher on the Totem Pole than my self-indulgent desire for creative inspiration.  I now realize that my family and my “job” are dependent upon my inspiration.

Artist Field Trips are now so much a part of my life that they often occur without planning or intention, they just happen.  That painting that inspired me so while Tammy and I walked around in the streets of Key West, that sunrise over North Lake last winter when the sound of cracking ice echoed through the frozen air and then the summer day when I captured video in the spectacular mountains of Southern Colorado, those are the Artist Field Trips that shape who I am.

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