Colorado Snow and Painting

"Midnight Crossing" oil on canvas 18x24

It started snowing yesterday, which made it a perfect day for painting winter scenery.  I have been working on a series of full moon winter adventure paintings since January and I don’t want to stop.  The foot of very wet snow that fell overnight is a blessing for two reasons, we have had an extremely dry winter in the mountains of southern Colorado and I’m not sure how I can justify painting the cool tones of winter once the forest comes to life in an explosion of green and yellow.  These spring storms are helping me delay a shift in focus.

Mid May Snow Brings June Flowers

I so much want to share the entire series right now but as you can see, I have not even signed them yet.  Most likely I’ll release images of them one by one as they are completed.  This painting is called midnight crossing.  The mountain the West Spanish Peak, a near “fourteener” that literally is my back yard.  The rest of the props come from my imagination and memories of backcountry skiing with friends around Gunnison and Crested Butte, back in the early 80’s.

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