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#Monday Mantra ~ Week #17

Posted by Michael Scott on February 8, 2016

waters edge

Whew! Almost missed the deadline.  I had to borrow this weeks mantra from Napoleon Hill.  The photo was taken Saturday morning before the sun came up.  All of the planets were lined up in the sky and there was the most incredible crescent moon out over a local frozen lake.  Have a great week!

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#Monday Mantra ~ Week #16

Posted by Michael Scott on February 1, 2016

path to serendipity

Have you ever been so inspired by another artist that you wanted to be just like them? You look at their work and their lives and find it so easy to put them up on a pedestal, assuming that the secret to their wild success came easily. In reality, if you had the opportunity to quiz one of your idols as to the secrets of their success you would likely get a simple explanation, something like “the harder I work, the luckier I get”.

The truth is, the path to serendipity is lined with repetition. Showing up to work day after day after day means picking up the brush or the pen even when we don’t feel like it. It means sitting down at the piano for long stretches of time, training the hands to become one with the ear. It means having the camera with you at all times, and using it. Showing up to work means a constant and deliberate thought about your craft throughout each day and a sub conscious attentiveness to it in your dreams each night.

If there is a “secret” to achieving great art it is this. Occasionally the monotony of repetition is interrupted by the unexpected. Perhaps the slip of the musician’s hand produces a half note of melodic genius or perhaps a wet mixture of paint drips down the canvas in just the right way. If we’re paying attention to these fortuitous occurrences we often find that we end up repeating them, they become our signature of originality. It is the happy accidents that become the milestones that mark our creative journey.

cathedral FB

Cathedral Basilica (1868) Santa Fe, NM.

Note:  We just returned from a three night visit to Santa Fe for our 15th wedding anniversary.  For this shot, I was set up on the tripod and the very first frame came out very strange and very cool.  I have no idea how this happy accident happened but I can I’ll keep studying it until I figure it out.

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#Monday Mantra ~ Week #14

Posted by Michael Scott on January 18, 2016

forgive and remember

One might think that this Monday Mantra Challenge business is my way of escaping my self imposed blogging responsibilities.  My pattern over the past few years has been to post fairly substantial content once or twice a week.  Recently though, I’ve simply been throwing a one liner into the universe each Monday to see if it sticks.

When I started this blog it was my intention that it would somehow be a cog in the wheel along my own creative journey.  I also hoped that my efforts would lead to something beyond my own self improvement.  I hoped that I might be able to inspire someone else not to give up their dreams.

With the Monday Mantra, I’m finding that there is something very meditative about the process of combining my art with the lessons of life.  In fact, I’m learning that art and life experience are not mutually exclusive, they feed off of each other.  We are all fielding our share of curve balls; distractions that will throw us off course if we let them.  The secret to moving forward perhaps is to learn how to turn those distractions into  rocket fuel!




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#Monday Mantra ~ Week #13

Posted by Michael Scott on January 11, 2016

Walls Of The Studio BLOG

Short and sweet this week but this one is right on target for me in both the metaphorical and literal sense.  Have a great week!

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#Monday Mantra ~ Week #12

Posted by Michael Scott on January 4, 2016

coin it

May 2016 be the most successful year ever for You and for Me!

I make this toast from my heart. My brain is a bit more hesitant to get involved in what it considers to be whimsical wishes. My brain is busy paying attention to the headlines. My brain is trying to make sense out of the Current State of Mankind. My brain can’t quite believe what my eyes and ears are telling it. If you are anything like me, you’re shocked to realize that nothing really shocks you anymore. You are witnessing global human conflicts occur at previously unimaginable levels and you are witnessing the early effects of a very scary planetary climate shift. If you are anything like me, its kind of hard to remain positive about the future.

So, back to my New Years toast. How can I wholeheartedly believe and visualize that 2016 can be the greatest year ever? The truth is, every generation has had distractions that it considered to be overwhelming and perhaps even hopeless yet it somehow found a way to overcome. It always helps me come back to the light of positive thoughts to find inspiration in the words of others that I can take ownership of figuratively speaking. Roughly 100 years ago, Napoleon Hill wrote a something that gets right to the point.

“What helped you over the great obstacles of life?” was asked of a highly successful man. “The other obstacles,” He replied.

May 2016 be the most successful year ever for You and for Me!

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#Monday Mantra ~ Week #11

Posted by Michael Scott on December 28, 2015

make peace

A single digit stroll in the moonlight last night and this is what transpired.


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Five Basic Truths Of Photography

Posted by Michael Scott on December 23, 2015


Season of Light FB

16th Street Mall ~Denver, Colorado

My passion for expressing myself artistically began when I was six or seven years old after my parents put a Kodak Brownie and a few rolls of film under the Christmas Tree with my name on them. I still have those first photos stuffed in a box somewhere and even though its been many years since I’ve looked at them, I can see the images in my minds eye on demand. Those first photos weren’t the work of a child prodigy by any means but the do represent a determination that still drives me every day, to be a perpetual student of photography

2015 will be remembered by me as a year of great strides in my adventures in photography. I wanted to share five truths about being a good photographer that seem pretty basic but still worth putting down in writing.

1. A good photographer is always prepared to shoot. This means actually carrying gear just about everywhere. Yea it can be a real pain in the ass lugging around expensive and heavy equipment but in photography timing is everything. There is nothing worse than missing an opportunity to capture a great image because you don’t have your stuff.

14th and Colfax PX

14th & Colfax

2. A good photographer knows what is going on in the Celestial and Terrestrial realms. There are so many tools available to us now that give us accurate information about the Sun, Moon, Stars, Weather, Maps, etc.. that it would be crazy not to use that information to make better images.

winding colfax FB
3. A good photographer takes regular field trips. Intentionally setting out with a particular theme or subject matter in mind is the most effective way of accumulating experience. There is no substitute for experience in the pursuit of expertise in any given art form.

Civic 2 FB
4. A good photographer takes a lot of lousy photographs. It’s the practice shots that help us experiment with different settings and techniques. It’s the poorly contrived images that help us recognize a great composition when we first see it in the view finder.

merry go round FB
5. A good photographer dedicates far more time to processing than to shooting. As a young student of film photography, I literally spent thousands of hours mixing chemicals, printing contact sheets, exposing test strips and dodging and burning images. All of the behind the scenes efforts haven’t been eliminated with the advent of digital processing. On the contrary, the bar of expected results has risen dramatically and the time investment of finishing a photo is as pricey as ever.

City County Close FB

Denver City and County Building

Happy Holidays!

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#Monday Mantra ~ Week #10

Posted by Michael Scott on December 21, 2015

Ebrace It FB

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#Monday Mantra ~ Week #9

Posted by Michael Scott on December 14, 2015

best things quote.jpg

Whew! I barely made the deadline this week but could not blow my 52 week challenge in at #9.  This Mantra may not be terribly original but it’s hitting home for me right now.  Have a great week!

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16 Things That Will Make Me Happy In 2016

Posted by Michael Scott on December 10, 2015

venus rising FB

If there is one virtue to growing older, it’s that I’ve learned to identify the things that make me happy as well as the things that do not. Finally, finally, finally I’m spending more time pursuing the former and less so the latter. What took me so long? Here are a few photos from my unplanned Monday Morning photo outing. I awoke to the expressive alignment Venus and of a waning crescent Moon and everything fell into place from there. Before it was all said and done, I had witnessed the most gorgeous sunrise from the edge of the crackling ice along the shore of a nearby lake.

skating BLOG

geese silhoutte BLOG

start your engines BLOG

As 2015 winds down, I find myself taking note of the things that make me happy and I’ve made a list of 16 things I want to accomplish in 2016. Here goes!

1. Move on from past mistakes
2. Appreciate NOW more
3. Spend more quality time with Family
4. Do something good for a Friend
5. Be a Peace Maker
6. Meet new People
7. Go places I’ve never been before
8. Go to familiar places and look for something new
9. Shoot More Pictures
10. Make More Videos
11. Pick up a brush and paint with reckless abandon
12. Be inspired by the work of others
13. Improve My Skills
14. Share my work with more people
15. Write more
16. Learn new things every day.

infinite reflections FB


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