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Two Works Of Art

Posted by Michael Scott on November 25, 2015

capital BLOG

Colorado State Capital

Twice this past week I have been out the door at zero dark thirty with coffee in one hand, my camera in the other. On both occasions I had a fresh opportunity to see me hometown with a fresh eye and I wanted to share. Yesterday’s agenda was to take my Mom to the train station to put her on the “Zephyr”, bound for Grand Junction where she will spend the Holiday with my Sisters. As I sat there in Union Station, sipping coffee and waiting for the Train, it occurred to me that Denver has matured into a living work of art and so has my Mother. How could I not be inspired?

boat house fly by 2 BLOG

Pastel Sky FB

City Park

mom arrives FB

mom waiting BLOG

mom train

terminal BLOG

union station cropped FB

Happy Thanksgiving!

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#Monday Mantra ~ Week #6

Posted by Michael Scott on November 23, 2015

focus mantra BLOG

Have a great week!

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#Monday Mantra ~ Week #5

Posted by Michael Scott on November 16, 2015

define potential BLOG

You know the drill. It happens when you are really hungry, you don’t feel like cooking and you can’t come to terms with exactly what you desire. You pick up the phone and a short while later the door bell rings and you are handed a paper bag that has way more food in it than you can possibly eat in one setting. Chinese Food Rocks and life just doesn’t get much better. Or at least that’s the way you feel until you open up your fortune cookie only to discover a losing Lotto Number on one side and a disappointing message on the other…..WTF.

I have an idea that I’ll share with you if you promise to keep it a secret. In fact, If you want in on the ground floor there is still room for you (just send me a small check to secure your spot). You see, the world wants good fortunes in their cookies and the declining standards of the fortune cookie monopolies have created a ripe business opportunity. I mean, where is the quality control? My case and point are made by my most recent experience. Can you guess which one I kept for myself and which one I gave to the Cat?

My start up will deliver a product that tastes infinitely better than vanilla laced cardboard and every single message will be uplifting and positive. I don’t see how it could fail. Are You In?

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Chasing Light And Color

Posted by Michael Scott on November 13, 2015

monumental sunrise BLOG

“Monumental Sunrise”

Each Fall I find myself struggling to accept the seasonal loss of light and color. The Northern Hemisphere is tilting toward the dark and cold side and there is nothing I can do about it. This year I held on as hard as I could for as long as I could and I’ve stored up the images that I need to sustain me until Spring. Beginning at the end of September, I went on a fall foliage bender like never before. Before it was all said and done, denial fueled a journey to the relatively low elevations of extreme Western Colorado and Eastern Utah.

midnight magic BLOG

Alexander Supertram (the camper) at Sand Flats near Moab, Utah

The high desert around Grand Junction and Moab is always visually stunning. Add the colors of fall to the red rocks and big vistas and you have a beauty that is hard to describe. I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

"Indian Summer"

“Indian Summer”

Autumn Bridal Shower BLOG

“Desert Bouquet”

autumn BLOG

“Autumn Vista”

zen pasture BLOG

“Zen Pasture”

morning walk BLOG

“Morning Walk”

yellow tree BLOG

“Standing Alone”

good morning 1 fr BLOG

“High Desert Sunrise”

I always love comments and I’m finding that connecting with others is more and more important to my growth as an artist.    Please visit and like my Facebook page to keep up with my adventures!

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#Monday Mantra ~ Week #4

Posted by Michael Scott on November 9, 2015

embrace dreams BLOG

I wrote these words down in 2009 and they have had a profound impact on my life.  Enough Said!  Please feel free to share your Monday Mantra in the comments below.

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The Accidental Paparazzi

Posted by Michael Scott on November 5, 2015

gooseneck BLOG

“As Close As I Dare” – I basically crawled to the edge of the Goose Neck turn of the Colorado River, afraid the bank would cave in.

I’ve been editing photos like a maniac several days now and I’m finally ready to share more. Last week’s photo expedition to the Utah Desert was a success and I’ll be sharing a bunch or images. I’ll keep it short and sweet this morning and simply brag about the fact that we drove Alexander Supertramp right through the middle of a Hollywood set on the remote Shafer Canyon Road, the back road into Canyonlands National Park. We knew something was up when we took note of a campsite along the Colorado River. A long ticky tacky row of luxury tents and heated outdoor sitting areas were the first signs that something big was being filmed nearby. It turned out that HBO is filming a mini series, a remake of the 1970’s movie “Westworld”.

mail wagon BLOG

action BLOG

The set of “Westworld”

action 5 BLOG

A lot of movies have been filmed in these canyons over the years and on this day, they were filming at “Thelma and Louse Point”. At a crest in the road, we literally drove less than ten feet from the actors, dressed up in western wear, plates in hand waiting in line to eat lunch. We had no idea at that moment that we might have been rubbing elbows with Ed Harris or Anthony Hopkins.  I’ve got to get a dash cam! Anyway, it all caught us so much by surprise that all I managed to capture with the camera was from a distance. I managed a few shots from the drivers seat with my long lens just before the Sheriff escorted us on down the road. So if you end up watching “Westworld” on HBO, look for Alexander Supertramp in the background during a cemetery scene.

alex canyon bottom BLOG

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Inspiration Tuesday

Posted by Michael Scott on October 13, 2015

What the mind of man can Conceive and Believe, It can Achieve. ~ Napoleon Hill

refraction BLOG

Reflections And Refractions

If you have a dream that you wish to bring to fruition while you walk this earth you are not alone. Look around and you will see that the world is filled with people who have common ambitions. A person who takes great risks against heavy odds in order to transform a vision into a tangible creation is by their very nature an Artist. It really doesn’t matter whether we are looking at Michael Angelo, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs or perhaps Yourself, all Artists find that the road to success begins at the moment an original thought pops into the mind and sparks a flame that cannot be extinguished.

reflection BLOG

“Water Colors”

For me, inspiration always occurs when I least expect it, when I see something plain in a new way that makes it extraordinary. I went for a walk along the banks of the Platte River on Saturday. It was a gorgeous fall afternoon, yet in comparison to some of the places I’ve found myself in recently, the setting was barely above mediocre. I had to literally, look below the surface of the big picture in order to find the excitement that I now feel when I look back at the images. These photographs are not an end result. They are the moment of conception of a new idea.

platte FB

“Platte River Afternoon”

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About Last Weekend

Posted by Michael Scott on July 31, 2015

currents of change poster blog

Isn’t it easy for us to get caught up in the day, to dwell on the past, to worry about the future?  Occasionally, we all need to give ourselves permission to put down all of that baggage and just live life.  It’s when we slow down and take notice of what is around us in a particular moment that we realize just how blind we become in our own ambitions.

"Awareness Matters"

“Awareness Matters”

Last weekend is now a very warm memory of doing just that and I’ve been busy processing all of the images that came my way.  It’s funny how good things come to us as soon as we let go of trying to be in control.  I’m telling you, these images practically jumped into my lens.

"Slate Creek Waterfall"

“Slate Creek Waterfall”

Earth Porn Falls blog wm

Gunnison County and Crested Butte still hold a special place in my heart.  After all of these years, I return to where I spent my college years and I’m blown away all over again by the exotic beauty of the south central part of the state.  We pitched camp there for a few nights and took in all we could, I feel renewed.

abstract 2 blog wm

When was the last time you told your worries and concerns to take a hike?

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The Give And Take Of 55

Posted by Michael Scott on July 16, 2015

“Kite Lake”

For me, the number fifty-five always brings to mind memories of the “Double Nickel” speed limit. Back in 1974, congress enacted a National Speed Limit Law in the interest of conservation. It took 14 long years to repeal the law after it was determined that the fuel savings was less than 1%. Just think about traveling cross country at the rate of almost two hours per hundred miles conjures up images of extreme boredom and/or torture. In 1988, the pace of life accelerated to 75mph (or faster ;)) with a cel phone in hand. Wow, things have changed.

“Old and Strong”

bristlecone branches wm

In three days I will celebrate my “Double Nickel” Birthday with my Family. Everyone will be with me to hold my hand as I cross the threshold with the exception of my oldest Daughter who is hiking across Spain at the pace of 20 Km. per day on the Camino De Santiago Trail. I am one lucky guy with a really great Family. This is the year that I’ll turn 55 and become a Grandfather, Wow things have changed.

My Gorgeous Wife

My Gorgeous Wife

Last Sunday, the festivities began with a drive up to the mountains witness the beauty of summer in the Colorado high country. We ended up at Kite Lake, which sits at about 12,000 ft. and is flanked by three “fourteeners”. It was a return to the scene of the crime where a couple of friends and I “bagged” the peaks of Mts. Lincoln, Democrat and Bross roughly thirty years earlier. The wildflowers were beautiful, the lake was filled with crystal clear glacial snow melt and the bristlecone pines were just as I remembered. I however, quickly reacted to the altitude with a headache and dehydration and I couldn’t fathom climbing even one peak. Wow, things have changed.

Wildflowers at Kite Lake

Wildflowers at Kite Lake

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Something New

Posted by Michael Scott on July 8, 2015

Happiness quote wp

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