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    Art Spirit Village is a sanctuary, a state of mind that exists within all who are compelled to express themselves through art. Michael Scott’s Art Spirit Village is my own safe haven. Here, I am the Butcher, the Baker, The Candlestick Maker and I suppose I am the Mayor as well. This is where I will share my Artistic Transformation, my imagination and my art work, hoping to somehow inspire others to do the same. I invite YOU to drop in for a visit, stay for a while and come back as often as you wish (PLEASE SUBSCRIBE-It is easy and FREE). Art Spirit Village has an open door policy. It is my hope and intent that the creative world will beat a path to the doorway of Art Spirit Village. Comments, Correspondence and Guest Posts are highly encouraged as long as they support the themes of Imagination, Inspiration and Transformation.

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The Survival of, Yet Another Autumnal Shift

Posted by Michael Scott on November 21, 2014


Saying goodbye to Summer has always been hard for me and this year was no exception. Actually, I start slipping toward the inevitable melancholia of the Autumnal Shift as early as July 4th some years, Why? Perhaps that is when I am reminded that the exhilaration of Spring will soon give way to the mortality of another seasonal cycle. Hey, it’s not as though I’m in a continual state of depression, so please read on and don’t write me off prematurely as a downer! Fortunately, …Oddly, the Autumnal shift always ends around the first of November. As though a loud snapping of the fingers or perhaps or a proverbial slapping of the face awakens me into a more positive consciousness. I let go of what was and I embrace what is, and what will be. I welcome what is for me, the time of year that my creative spirit is most alive.

Lately, I have become immersed in the warmth and beauty of Hawaii, even though I’m in Colorado. Rather than painting mountain streams and waterfalls, rather than bringing to life snowy scenes I find myself compelled to capture the essence of the beach, the ocean and the waves. Transporting myself to this alternate reality is made somewhat easier with the aid of the extensive photo and video library that I have accumulated in recent years. The walls of my new spacious studio are beginning to fill up with compositional studies of the Mid-Pacific. As an artist, it feels good to be growing once again.

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“Lauren and Robin, Meet My Father”

Posted by Michael Scott on August 15, 2014

Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall

Robin Williams

Robin Williams



Monday Evening, I sat at the bedside of my Dad making small talk of life, both of us trying to ignore the gravity of his condition.  He had several strokes in the previous 48 hours, ultimately the collateral damage of Parkinson’s Disease.  I said “hey Dad, Robin Williams Passed away today, he was only 63″.  Dad said it seemed that everyone was dying lately then he said “I’m 83″, wanting to make sure I knew that.  As it turned out, Dad followed Robin across the threshold to the next life by just one day.  Tuesday evening while processing the shock of my loss, I learned that Lauren Bacall may have walked shoulder to shoulder into the next world with my own Father.

Lauren Bacall was 89 and died shortly after having a stroke.  Her Screen Persona was likely not all that different from her true character, a classy, independent and caring spirit, Just like my Dad.

My Dad loved Robin Williams and would have been so interested to know that Robin also suffered from PD, but that news didn’t come out until yesterday.  Dad always gained inspiration from those who also had PD.  Michael J. Fox, Mohamad Ali, Linda Ronstadt among the famous.

This morning I am touched to read these words from Robin’s Daughter Zelda.  “Dad was, is and always will be one of the kindest, most generous, gentlest souls Ive ever known, and while there are few things I know for certain right now, one of them is that not just my world, but the entire world is forever a little darker, less colorful and less full of laughter in his absence. Well just have to work twice as hard to fill it back up again”.

To Zelda I would say that I understand that my Father Knew how difficult those early stages of PD were, how difficult it was to accept the diagnosis.  I would tell her that I can see a lot of my Father in Robin’s eyes.  I would tell her that she should be proud of him for coping with his diagnosis and symptoms so courageously and in his own way and in his own time, just as my own Father did.  I would thank her for her for giving me words to express what I feel at this moment.

Mom and Dad in 2011.  Even the Early Stages of PD took a toll

Mom and Dad in 2011. Even the Early Stages of PD took a toll

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The Enduring Glow Of A Beautiful Life

Posted by Michael Scott on August 14, 2014

The Enduring Glow Of A Beautiful Life 10" x 20"  Acrylic on canvas

“The Enduring Glow Of A Beautiful Life”
10″ x 20″ Acrylic on canvas

Monday evening, as I drove home I witnessed the most incredible sunset.  A glowing orange and yellow sky over the latent silhouette of the front range.  Too much traffic and visual obstruction to pull over and take a photo, I captured the image in my mind instead.  I had just left my folks at the Denver Hospice Care Center at Lowry where my Dad would undergo a procedure the next morning that would make him more comfortable as he suffered from the later stages of Parkinson’s Disease.  Before I said goodnight to my Father for the last time, we talked about how beautiful the facility was and I told him that Robin Williams had passed away (he loved Robin Williams).  One of the night nurses graciously brought them a tuna fish sandwich to share even though they had “checked in” too late for dinner and after I left I understand that Dad ate most of it.

Oh how much it hurts to loose someone you Love so much.  The grief might even cause a person to jump out of bed, start and finish a painting as the sun rises, which is exactly what I did this morning.  I am compelled to paint my Father’s setting sun and this small sketch will be used for a piece that is 20 times larger.   I want this memory to be larger than life.


Me with my mind’s image


Mom, Dad, Tammy(took pic) and Me at the Denver Art Museum three weeks ago



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My Wonderful Father

Posted by Michael Scott on August 13, 2014


A Sunday at Denver’s Museum of History and Science (8/3/14)

My lengthy hiatus from this effort (my blogs) is attributed significantly to the long, long path that I was able to walk alongside my Father and Mother while in the Autumn of Dad’s life. For seven years, they had to endure difficult circumstances, one after another, all somehow related to the harm that Parkinson’s Disease can inflict. Yesterday Afternoon, Dad crossed over from this life to the next. It was the first completely cloudless day in Denver in as long as I can remember and he left this world so peacefully, so quickly that I am profoundly moved. For so long, I have wanted to write and be read; I have wanted to share the experiences that I have had in my own personal walk as an Artist and as a Son. Yet for so long, these experiences belonged in my heart and not on published pages.

My Father’s passing comes like the opening of a flood gate. I am ready to share once again and I hope to somehow kindle a flame of inspiration if even in just one person.

Even on his death bed, it would not have shocked me if my Father had awakened from his final sleep to recite word for word the following quote by William Shakespeare. “Cowards die many deaths, The Valiant never taste of death but once. Of all the wonders that I yet have heard, it seems to me most strange that men should fear; Seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come.” Seriously, the man had a knack for reciting poetry and singing funny songs at the most inappropriate times. This time, he did not awaken from his slumber but his words are still with me.

Before I close this post, I want to share a few thoughts about Denver Hospice. Yesterday morning, before I understood that it would be Dad’s final sunrise, I wrote the following words. Mom and Dad finally found their way back to the “Hilton”. The Denver Hospice Inpatient Care Center at Lowry Field is a living masterpiece. Oddly, the kind of place that makes you want to live. As my Dad would say, it is a “castle on the hillside”. In some ways you might think that such a place would be cruel and unusual punishment for those who find themselves at the exit door of life. Not So, I say! The architectural marvel is more than matched by the compassion, dignity and understanding that permeates from its walls. The halls echo in celebration of all that is good in Mankind. For me personally, this place is an inspiration. The Exhibition of artwork on display is incredible. Much care was given to select original works that might trigger a warm memory; that might remind one how precious life is. And then the admirable culture that dwells in the care center goes completely over the top. So different than what you will find in a hospital, where the goal is physical healing and profit. Denver Hospice defines success much differently, to create comfort for the body and the spirit. Perhaps the ultimate goal of Hospice is to mirror what we hope for on the other side of death. These are the things that have touched me profoundly, that have nudged the trajectory of my life in the most beautiful way.


One of the beautiful paintings that hangs in the Denver Hospice Care Center at Lowry

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The Ramblings of an April Fool

Posted by Michael Scott on April 1, 2013


April Fools!  Another winter has passed, another opportunity to prepare the batch of seed that will yield a harvest of completeness and yet we find ourselves sowing for the most part, more of the same strain.  Habits are not unlike the roots of a tree, they keep us grounded yet tethered in the same old space, good or bad, right or wrong, healthy or unhealthy.  Too often, despite our best efforts to find true and lasting transformation, we find ourselves grappling with the same old demons that we did yesterday, last month and last year.

While there is a humble, if not cynical humor associated with the first day of April, there is also a wake up call, a reminder that transformation doesn’t happen without effort.  We all have the ability to engage our minds in original thought and to realize meaningful and lasting shifts of our own consciousness.  It is the  uncovering of the truths from within that render the past irrelevant and the opinions of others unimportant.  The hard part is maintaining a vigilant watch over that truth to keep it from withering away.

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Fire In The Sky

Posted by Michael Scott on November 11, 2012

“Softly the evening came.  The sun from the western horizon like a magician extended his golden wand o’er the landscape; Twinkling vapors arose; and sky and water and forest seemed all on fire at the touch, and melted and mingled together.” ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

To the person who first likened being unrealistic to having your head in the clouds I say this; there is nothing more real, more perfect and more original than a cloud.  To sit and stare for hours if you wish, witnessing what has never been before and what will never be again is a better use of your time by far than memorizing tables and formulas for it teaches us that possiblities are endless.

The thing that I love about painting clouds is that there is no right and wrong.  One might say that a cloud is ominous or unusual, but never ugly or unrealistic.  A couple of days ago I was hiking under the most amazing lenticular formations and I estimated correctly that when the sun dipped low to the west that they would light up like fire in the sky.  The resulting sunset brought inspiration, which manifested an application for the encaustic (wax) paints that have been sitting on a shelf for almost a year.

“Fire in the Sky” my first encaustic painting

It took a while to figure out how to apply the wax and move it about using palette knives, rags, heat gun and torch.  In the end, I’m pretty happy with the way my first wax painting turned out.  After all, I’ve never met a cloud I didn’t like.

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New Mexico State Of Mind

Posted by Michael Scott on October 21, 2012


The Palisades of Cimarron Canyon, New Mexico

If you happen to follow my other blog,, you know that I often share some of the same material on both sites.  Usually I do manage to switch caps however and write something that might be meaningful to the audience that I’m addressing.  The Local Tourist Colorado is all about experiencing things that are close to home.  No matter where one might live, there is always a new adventure right around the corner.  Art Spirit Village is entirely different.  This is where I share the things that motivate me to release my passion for creativity in hopes of somehow connecting with others who have the same passion.

Canyon Road – Santa Fe

All too often however, both of these missions converge and I find myself totally confused about which blog to post the content to.  The New Mexico border is just a few miles south of my home and every time I go there, I get inspired to create.  After returning from an incredible weekend in Santa Fe, I have to share.  Great artists will tell you how important it is to surround yourself with people who stimulate your imagination.  I’m here to tell you that being surrounded by states that inspire is not a bad deal at all.

One of the many windows along Canyon Road

Saturday “Art Walk” Entertainment

Tammy and Charlie “Art Walkin”










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Rays Of Hope

Posted by Michael Scott on October 13, 2012

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” – Albert Einstein

Look around this crazy world of ours with open eyes and you will likely have cause for great concern.  Human conflict is certainly nothing new, time and again we have faced seemingly hopeless contention and time and again we have overcome it in spite of the odds.  This time however, it’s as if the entire world has become like a tiny dysfunctional town where everybody is into everybody else’s business, the willingness to find a common agenda is rare, greed trumps compassion.  We seem to be sitting at a great crossroads, looking hopelessly at all of the routes that we have taken, wondering how in the world we will move forward.  Perhaps it is time to step back, think bigger, roll up our sleeves and carve a new path.

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Reflections Upon The First Frost

Posted by Michael Scott on October 11, 2012

Last week’s first hard frost

“Autumn is a second spring, where every leaf is a flower” ~ Albert Camus

So fitting is this quote to this photograph that I had to enlist it, despite the fact that I had no idea who Albert Camus is or was.   Annually, I suffer from a bit of sadness this time of year as the trees are stripped bare and the the world around me becomes seemingly void of color.  It’s almost cruel how nature saves the most vivid colors for last, only to let them fall to the ground.  I find myself wishing that I could rewind the weeks back to spring and start the process over immediately, without waiting through the hardship of winter.  Only after the last leaf has perished do I set my sights forward and begin to anticipate winter with eagerness, comforted that a new spring will follow.

As for Albert Camus, my conscience wouldn’t let me complete this post without a google search.  Camus was a French author, journalist and philosopher who took home the Pulitzer Prize for literature in 1947.  He is best known for his contribution to the rise of the philosophy known as Absurdism.  Wikipedia says about him, “Camus presents the reader with dualisms such as happiness and sadness, dark and light, life and death, etc. He emphasizes the fact that happiness is fleeting and that the human condition is one of mortality; for Camus, this is cause for a greater appreciation for life and happiness”.

“Manataka” (place of peace) – Cuchara Pass, Colorado

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Looking Up

Posted by Michael Scott on September 7, 2012

Stars Over Manataka

I know that creativity is alive and well within me when I awaken in the pre-dawn hours with ideas that I cannot let go of, when I am inspired to rise and begin my day holding on to that consciousness rather than releasing it back into the ether to vanish like some forgotten dream.

When I was much younger, I spent a great deal of time outdoors, quite familiar with the vastness of space.  I completely understood that if I removed myself from sources of interference on any given clear night, I could see into the universe ad infinitum.  With age, it became more difficult I suppose, to simply remove myself from the interference and look up.

Lately, I’ve been looking up again as if I have stumbled on to some new revelation and I’ve got to tell you, I’m excited about it.  You see, I am beginning to understand that there is a repeating pattern in all of nature.  Think about the seasons, there is spring, summer, fall, winter and then spring once again, ad infinitum.  There is day, night and then day again, ad infinitum.  There is awakening, sleep and then another awakening, ad infinitum.  Can the same be said of life and death?

This is heavy stuff and it probably should remain in the pages of my private journal but this is afterall 2012 and there are plenty of reasons to ponder weighty subjects these days.  I often wonder what season it is within our country, there is so much anger, fear and division and it seems as though people really don’t listen to one another.  On a global scale a lot of scary things are happening, what season is it?  If life as we know it no longer exists, then what? Somehow, some way, I believe that we, as the human race are about to remove ourselves from all of the interference and look up once again, to awaken in a cycle of infinite possibilities.

Ad Infinitum

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